The perfect way to end the perfect day

Your wedding is an excellent opportunity to have an unique personalised fireworks display, which the Bride and Groom have the choice to ceremoniously start together. Our displays are spectacular, full of colour, noise and special effects, which will delight your guests, of all ages. The perfect way to celebrate in style.

Length of display

Please beware. The length of time a display lasts is usually completely independent of the cost. Shorter displays are often better. The Edinburgh's massive 2011 Hogmanay display lasted 3minutes 30 seconds, while London's 2011 New Year display went on for 10minutes. Our wedding displays last approximately 8 minutes, with constant bursts of delightful colours, We design the displays this way, but we can easily make the fireworks fire even faster to give a more impressive show. This ensures maximum impact, and enjoyment. If you increase your firework budget, we simply fire more content and variety during the display.

Time of Display

We usually recommend clients to aim for a latest start of 10.30pm. We are legally restricted to no noise after 11pm (except New Year's Eve). If your wedding venue is a hotel or close to residential housing, we recommend an earlier start, if possible, to respect residents. Exact details can be confirmed closer to the time, and after your booking has been confirmed.


We are willing to design displays to meet any budget, however please see the very rough guideline below showing the minimum recommended budget to achieve the best impact for a basic display. Special effects are available, if desired, at an additional cost. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to fireworks, however we understand that for many clients, their budgets are often limited. The more you spend, the more you get, and the better value it becomes.

Special effects

Special effects can include fireworks set to music, colour themes, fireworks spelling the Bride and Groom's initials in a heart shape, and even drive through fountains for the final escape to your honeymoon. The additional cost for these options are shown below. More technical designs can be discussed at the time of booking.

Other Occasions

Our displays are equally suitable for engagement proposals, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, retirement parties and corporate functions.

Surprise displays / Gifts

Often our displays are surprise gifts for the Bride and Groom from work colleagues or family. We ensure that bookings are kept a 'Top Secret' if required! However we can not guarantee that we won't be noticed setting up the display at the location!


We are experienced Pyrotechnists and each display is designed uniquely for your wedding location and your budget. We have provided displays for weddings of all sizes since 1992, previously sepcialising in corporate displays. We have built up a strong working relationship with the major NI & ROI hotels and other wedding venues.


We have provided displays at most wedding locations in Northern Ireland and many in the Republic or Ireland. We will often advise suitability for larger displays, however we design displays to suit the location and weather conditions. We can design displays to have low-noise if required, and we also are particularly favoured for our no-mess procedures. We are the preferred supplier at many venues. In particular we are extremely experienced and sensitive to locations such as National Trust properties, Golfing venues and those close to airports. We ensure that we provide the most suitable display based on the both the location and our clients' wishes. Even if your venue tells you that fireworks aren't allowed, please ask us about this before being disappointed. Very often this is based on a misunderstanding of requirements, or because previously a licence was refused for not using a professionally registered company such as Emerald Fireworks.


Firework sales, possession and firing in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland are highly regulated by law. We will look after all the legal documents, licencing and requirements for each of our shows. It is important to make your booking with us well in advance to ensure enough time for paperwork processing by the authorities.

Republic of Ireland displays

We provide displays in all counties of the Republic of Ireland. We liase with all the relevant authorities. Please ensure that we receive at least 6 weeks notice of your booking to allow the legal side to complete in time.


Let us worry about the weather. If it rains we will just get wet, but the display will still be possible. Spectators can watch from shelter if required. If the rain, or wind, is intermittent, we may recommend that a display is fired slightly earlier to avoid a predicted change in weather conditions, and thus ensure you get the best possible and enjoyable display. We always reserve the right to cancel a display if weather conditions are so blustery that we are unable to ensure the highest safety standards.


There is not usually a need to check with us about availability. We have the capacity to almost always guarantee bookings. However, please book early, especially over Halloween, New Year and bank holiday weekends. We will always try to accomodate requests at short notice, but don't leave it too late.


We make the booking process as easy as possible. The final display budget can be adjusted closer to the display date, if you desire. Please see the Booking section.

Wedding Co-ordinators

We welcome bookings from our regular wedding co-ordinators and also welcome enquiries from new clients. We look forward to being an integrated partner in your business sucess to help make each wedding day a sucess for both you and your clients. We look after all the firework arrangements so that you can concentrate on helping your client.


If WE cancel the display: We reserve the right to cancel the display for any reason, up to and including the day of the display. This would be very rare and probably only be for safety or legal reasons. A refund would be made, minus any reasonable costs incurred.

If CLIENT cancel the display: A client can cancel a display at any time before the start of the display. If the display is cancelled at least 30 days before the display, a full refund will be made, except any non-refundable governmental license fee paid. If cancelled less than 30 days before the display, a refund, or part refund, will only be made at our discretion.


We look after all paperwork required, and once you make your booking, we will send a receipt and confirmation. We will discuss any special requirements, and ensure co-ordination with any other of your wedding day events/providers, if required. If is important to get your deposit paid as soon as possible. Deposit is either £100 or €100 depending on your personal currency choice. 

Recommended very rough minimum budgets

NI : £650 (all inclusive)   ROI : €800 (all inclusive)

This is for the smallest display we provide, and it should be noted that a small display may be unsuitable for some bigger venues.

Please contact us for suitablity of venue and a recommended budget for specific venues, and for our ultimate shows.


Colour themes (if possible) No additional charge

Set to music - £250

Bride and Groom's initials in a heart shape - £250

Other logos, messages and drive through fountains - on request