We are a family run, completely independant, firework display business. We have provided our amazing firework displays for over 22 years, entertaining thousands of spectactors at hundreds of wedding, private and corporate venues with our very special fireworks shows and finalé. We look after all the legal and insurance arrangements, leaving our customers safe in the knowledge that our displays are always spectacular, the best value imaginable and properly managed. Our Firers are trained to standards set down by the British Pyrotechnists Association (BPA) and our firers are registered with the BPA.

We are also registered on the Fireworks Industry Register showing our legally required insurance cover, and the Health and Safety Executive's Explosives Industry Group (HSE-EIG). Our Firers are also trained in First Aid to Maritime Coastguard standards, and have earned various qualifications in Health and Safety Management with both The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (iosh), and The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH). We are also members of The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

We can design displays to meet any budget. So if you are wanting a small display on a shoe string we might be able to do that. We have a reputation of only doing amazing displays, so we will give you advise to make sure your budget is realistic.

Even our small displays are described by clients as 'Disney-Like'. Equally if you are an 'A'-list celebity and want something 'out of this world' then we have the resources to provide world class beating displays that are totally awesome.  The perfect way to end the perfect day Weddings are an excellent opportunity to have an unique personalised fireworks display, which the Bride and Groom have the choice to ceremoniously start together. Our displays are spectacular, full of colour, noise and special effects which will delight all of your guests.

We also provide shows for corporate events and private events such as birthdays, engagement parties and anniversaries.  Fully Affordable Costs depend on distance to location, time of year, and size and type of display required. Our policy is to always give our clients value for money.

Special effects can include fireworks set to music, fireworks spelling the Bride and Groom's initials in a heart shape, corporate logos, and even drive through fountains for the final escape to your honeymoon. Our displays are equally suitable for birthday celebrations, retirement parties and corporate functions.  Our displays will impress your guests and is suitable for all ages to enjoy. Often our displays are surprise gifts for the Bride and Groom from work colleagues or family.

We try to ensure that bookings are kept a 'Top Secret' if required! We are experienced Pyrotechnists and each display is designed uniquely for your event and location. We look after all licensing requirements.

Please contact us if you require any reassurance about arrangements or costs.

Please note that we can not make site visits or make license applications or guarantee event dates until a deposit is paid.

We welcome enquiries from firework colleagues based in England, Scotland and Wales. We are able to fulfil bookings in the rest of the UK, when required and in particular we cover periods of high demand in Great Britain such as Guy Fawkes Night, St George's, St David's and St Andrew's day. Distance is not an object. Whether your display is required in Plymouth or Stornoway, please do not hesitate to contact us for outsourcing arrangements.